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"Format '%. ' invalid or incompatible with argument." Error Message (017700)


Some users received an error message reading "Format '%. ' invalid or incompatible with argument." on v9.1.

Full Description

An error message reading "Format '%. ' invalid or incompatible with argument." appeared when a user added tips over 25%. This only happened after the system was upgraded to PixelPoint POS v9.1.

This error appears if you are running v9.1 and are using a customized value for item "120605" in your "NewLanguage.txt" file. In v9.1 systems, this item requires the variable "%s". If you have a "NewLanguage.txt" file in which the "120605" line does not have this variable, you will get this error.

By default, the full value of this tag in v9.1 is "Tip is more than %s%%. Continue?". See "English.txt" in the "\PixelPOS" folder to see this. A new version of this file is downloaded when you upgrade your system to v9.1. Previous to v9.1, the value of this tag was "Tip is more than 25%. Continue?".

This language item was changed in v9.1 to work in conjunction with the new AddTipPercentageWarning policy, which enables users to determine the percentage at which the system will display this warning message when adding tips. Because this percent is now specified in Policy Setup, the language item requires a variable in order to know what number to display in the warning.

The AddTipPercentageWarning policy enables you to configure the warning for any value between 1 to 99. It cannot be turned off.


Modify your "NewLanguage.txt" file in the "\PixelPOS" folder and make sure that the "120605" line has "%s%%" in it (instead of "25%"). Restart the POS Station software afterwards. If you do not have a "NewLanguage.txt" file, or if the file does not have a "120605" line, you do not need to take any steps to prevent this error message.

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25th of May, 2009

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